Acid Trip

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The lizardfolk chief, Tennagak, had suggested a means of getting around the burden of weregild that he would traditionally levy as a part of any peace negotiations. His tribe has been having problems with a giant crocodile from the first days after they took over this lair. Normally able to calm and befriend reptiles of all sorts, the lizardfolk shamans could not seem to influence the beast they came to call Stenchbrute. Their attempts always led to violence, and even death in several cases. The giant crocodile didn’t just attack when they came near, either; it seemed that it was actively hunting them in the region.

Tennagak told you that his people were prohibited by the laws of their god from harming any of their kin, but that there were “ways” around such prohibitions. He suggested that if you resolved the problem for him, then he could convince his people that the weregild was unnecessary. And so you prepared yourselves and set off into the marshes the next morning.

You followed a stone-lined path south, through grasses and trees, until you came to a slight rise to the east. At that point, you detected a slight acrid smell in the air, and wisps of haze drifting through the grass. Off to the west, you believed you could hear the Dunwater River. You continued on.

Shortly after, you arrived at a marsh pond cloaked in a light haze, with a strongly acrid smell hanging over the area. The pond was being choked out by grasses and weeds. Helen threw stones off to the west by the shore, and suddenly what you took to be a grassy island launched itself out of the water with powerful propulsion and onto the shore near where the stones fell! It was a huge crocodile! Stenchbrute.

tarynsnack.gifThe fight then began, as Taryn stepped toward the beast and others launched attacks from a distance. The creature caught Taryn in a powerful bite, refusing to let go of its tinned snack. That’s when Varis pulled the Trident of Occasional Fish Command from his quiver, and pointed it towards Stenchbrute. The beast’s eyes seemed to glaze over, and it wasn’t long before its jaw had slackened enough for Taryn to tumble out, alive but badly wounded.

While patrolling the air over the battle, Rose noticed ripples across the pond from where you were fighting, as if something had slipped carefully into the water. It didn’t take long to solve the mystery, as a small black dragon emerged from the shoreline near Taryn to spew a column of acidic goo at him and others near him.

After being driven to the brink of death by each of you, the crocodile was finally dropped by a carefully aimed poke from Rose. The dragon reappeared to try to finish off Taryn and those near him, but they dodged well enough to avoid the worst of it (except Helen, who had to spend some time mending his armor after the battle). The dragon did not live for very much longer, and Varis quickly cut in front of Taryn to remove its head.

As you caught your breath, Rose sent images to Varis of a glade in the woods on the other side of the marsh pond which featured an oddly-carved stone platform. You ventured over there and discovered a huge boulder which had been reduced to a flat disc, apparently by acid and claws over a long period of time (Varis guessed the beast was no older than 5 or 6 years). At the center was carved an indentation, and it was filled with coins and objects of value. You then spent an hour recovering some health and identifying the objects.


For defeating Stenchbrute and the nameless Black Dragon Wyrmling you earn 2,250 XP. Divided 6 ways you earned 375 XP, bringing you to a total of 2,591 XP each. So close to your next level at 2,700 XP; but alas.

You found a great deal of treasure, however:

  • 960cp (worth 9.6gp)
  • 340gp
  • 16pp (worth 160gp)
  • an amethyst (100gp)
  • a jet (150gp)
  • a carved bone statuette (25gp)
  • a large gold bracelet (200gp)
  • a jade brooch (250gp)
  • a beautiful necklace studded with rubies and diamonds (760gp)
  • a stoppered bone tube containing a Scroll of Protection (Undead) (I think Rakik has this)
  • a set of Bracers of Archery (I believe Varis took these)
  • a suit of Glamoured Studded Leather Armor (I believe Helen took this)
  • and a small iron box containing three potions in glass vials (one makes you feel sturdy, one gives you a strong hint of health, and one gives you a boost of muscle strength).


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