Compendium Sahuagin

The collected notes of the past two sessions

After being boarded by the octopodes, and successfully driving them off, your ship continued on towards the sahuagin threat. The captain woke you early the next morning, before sunrise. On the advice of Oceanus and Massalich, you elected to stop well short of the lair so as not to trigger their defenses. You waited until the sun had risen (when sahuagin are less likely to patrol) and made your way to a small harbour near the lair, sheltered by a rocky promontory.

Upon debarking, you made your way west around the headland and toward the lair. Nearing it, you saw that a low, rocky causeway leads from the salt marsh to a shaded entrance carved into the stone of the side of the hill. Massalich told you that the entrance is new, and in fact that the hill within which the lair was built is shorter now than it once was. He was quite confused and concerned by these changes.

You snuck across the causeway and to the entrance without trouble, but found that the large pair of stone doors ahead of you had no obvious means of being opened. In fact, the only feature visible was a small (6″×4″) slot cut into one of the doors, and blocked by a piece of metal barring the opening on the far side of the door.

Considering your options, you realized that one of you had the Knock spell and thus used that to force the door open. You caught the occupants of the room beyond by surprise, and fought through them without too much trouble. The only difficulty was that two of the sahuagin managed to escape during the confusion, running off in different directions. You offered pursuit, with the party following one of them, and the lizardfolk following the other. The lizardfolk returned to the entrance saying that they had caught their runner, while the party was less successful in their own task.

During our next session, you started out gathered in the entrance (the party, the lizardfolk, and the marines) and began exploring the largely-empty rooms on this level. You got the sense that construction was either complete, or very nearly so, but that these rooms were unoccupied at this time.

While turning a corner, Rakik (with their super-sensitive drow eyes) caught sight of some movement well to the south, beyond what looked like a gate or a grate. With a combination of the Message cantrip and Comprehend Languages, they were able to speak with them and understand their speech, but the creatures seemed to have no interest in conversing with Rakik. The last thing they heard was, ominously, “Send them all.”

Returning then to the entranceway, you organized your forces into four teams to guard the three hallways and the door you entered through. It did not take too long for the inevitable response. You were set upon simultaneously from two of the hallways by teams of sahuagin and even a chuul (the great, tentacled beast you’d fought in the lizardfolk’s fortress). The fight was long and difficult, but in the end you prevailed. The halls are now littered with the dead.


For clearing the entranceway to the sahuagin lair, you receive 1,200xp. For fighting the second encounter, you receive 2,400xp. This gives you a total of 3,600xp to split between you. I’m going to say that the lizardfolk and marines count for only one “share” of the fight experience, since their contributions are limited compared to your own. Oceanus gets a full share, though. This means splitting the experience eight ways, meaning you each get 450xp for those two fights. This is enough to cause Oceanus to gain a level (which he takes as a fighter, granting him a few extra hit points and “Action Surge”). It’s not quite enough to cause Amelia’s character to gain a level, though she’s getting closer to level 4 now.

The two sahuagin lieutenants wore plain gold armbands worth 20gp each, and that was the only objects of real value you have found so far in this fortress. Other than that you have 21 heavy crossbows (each with 10 quarrels), 21 tridents, two suits of scale mail (fit for a sahuagin), two spears, two daggers, several whips, and a small silver key.


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