Into the Lair of the Lizardfolk

Now, we begin to see the Danger at Dunwater!

The night began with you resting after your fight against the Bullywugs. A short rest revealed the magical nature of the following items:

  • Ioun Stone (iridescent spindle): when orbiting the owner’s head, they no longer need to breathe air. (Taryn, requires attunement)
  • Cap of Water Breathing: while worn underwater, the wearer can speak its command word as an action to create a bubble of air around their head. (Nameless Bard, who found the word “Styx” sewn into the cap’s headband).
  • Quiver of Ehlonna: has three compartments (arrow-sized, javelin-sized, and spear-sized). Currently contains 24 arrows, 10 magical +1 arrows, and what Oceanus believes is a Trident of Fish Command. (Varis)

After the rest, you continued on toward the lizardfolk lair.

Just before reaching the bank of the Dunwater River, you were confronted with an intersection. You followed the path to the east and came to the spot where the river meets the Azure Sea. Across the river to the south you saw a sizeable hill, which fit the general location of the lair shown on the map you’d been following.

The mouth of the river was choked with grassy islands. You sent Oceanus into the water to scout ahead. No sooner had he set out, it seemed, than he reappeared. He charged out of the water in a full run, pursued closely by two gigantic crayfish. They followed him up onto the shore next to the party.

You took care of the creatures with haste, and pushed on again immediately.

Moving back to the west, you passed the intersection and continued on to the inland bank of the Dunwater River. The river at this area looked fordable, with shallows leading to a grassy island in the middle of the stream. You all crossed safely, and found yourselves on the southern bank of the river with the lair hill ahead of you to the south east.

The hour was getting late at this point, and you felt that pushing on would have been unwise. You made a clearing in the high grass off the main path and concealed your tracks. The night watch was only roused once by the sound of many armoured creatures moving along the path toward the east.

The next morning allowed you to confirm that the tracks left on the path were those of lizardfolk, and they seemed to lead to the hill ahead of you.

Rose flew reconnaissance, which allowed you to see a large cave mouth in the western side of the hill. This seemed to be where the tracks were leading, as well, and so you pursued right up to the mouth of the cave.

You had not managed to get far into the muddy cave mouth when you realized that the cave was not, in fact, empty. Several large lizards sprang to life and charged at you across the thick, muddy floor.

During your fight with them, a small group of lizardfolk appeared and moved to join the fight. They demanded your surrender (in the draconic language) as they approached, but they didn’t seem willing to wait long for your answer before launching their attacks.

The fight continued until only two lizardfolk remained. One of them ordered the other to run for help just before he died, and the second tried to make a run for the southern archway. Rose, however, was prepared to intercept him and managed to inject enough poison to knock him out cold.

You tied him up, gagged him, and propped him up in the mud to await some delayed justice.

A battered breastplate was discovered in the mud, on the northern side of the cave (sorry, I can’t remember who discovered it… maybe Varis?). This seemed to be unusable, but beneath it in the mud was found a silvery metallic javelin. The word “Arc” is engraved in delicate script along the shaft of the weapon.

Meanwhile, you all moved on to the stone walkway at the back of the cavern. You first investigated the northern archway (from whence the lizardfolk had come) with the bard sneaking on ahead. She discovered the guard room (now empty), a door (with many lizardfolk voices behind it), and eventually a portcullis. She returned to the group.

Moving to the southern archway, she discovered that it turned east fairly quickly and that the first door to her left also had a number of voices beyond it.

This is where we left things off.


Also, you receive 450xps (total, so 75xp each) for defeating the giant lizards and lizardfolk warriors.

Into the Lair of the Lizardfolk

Damn it, I forgot the xps from the Giant Crayfish. You received 1400xp from those two lobsters (total, so 233xp each). That means that your running total each so far is 1541xp, which is a little over a thousand away from next level.

Into the Lair of the Lizardfolk
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