Into the Water

Life is just better, down where it's wetter, under the sea.

This post will cover off two sessions: the one from May 28th as well as the most recent one on June 28th.

After having defeated a platoon of sahuagin and their chuul friend, you set about exploring what you believe to be the top floor of the sahuagin lair. You discovered that most of the floor is under construction, with very little left to do. One particular location of note, however, was the slave quarters.

Arriving at the gated entrance to the slave pen, you found that it was filled with several types of humanoid: a hobgoblin, orcs, lizardfolk, and a single frail human right at the very back. You set the slaves free, with Massilich requesting that some of his soldiers being able to accompany the lizardfolk slaves to the cove that you arrived at so that they might be able to rendezvous with the ship as soon as possible, and you agreed to this. The old human in the back was a different story, however. Every attempt to move him revealed a new level of pain.

He was cognizant enough to introduce himself as “Elmo”, but his mind wandered easily and it was clear to you that he was living his last day. He used to be a great wizard, he said, and leader of a party of adventurers from The Hold of the Sea Princes. They were equipped for underwater adventuring, but made the mistake of entering through the sea cave and found themselves quickly overwhelmed. As far as he knew, he was the only survivor. He was forced to work as a slave, constructing this lair. He started his work “here, on this dry level, above the level [they] entered through.” He also remembered a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that he was forced to help construct in a room to the south, and his description was of a high quality secret door. He gave you a good idea of where to find this door before finally expiring.

You followed the route described and quickly found yourself in the room with the door. After using the Wand of Secrets, you discovered both the door and also the trap that guarded it. Knowing it was there, you decided to trigger it with a mage hand, which worked quite well by allowing you to hide outside of the powerful blast’s radius. You then gained entrance to the small room beyond.

In this other room, and after quite a bit of time resting, you found the following: a Cloak of the Manta Ray, a suit of magical studded leather Mariner’s Armour, a suit of Elven Chain +1, a Berserker Axe, an Instrument of the Bards (Canaith Mandolin), a Wand of Wonder, a Wand of Polymorphing, a Necklace of Adaptation, 8 vials of liquid (Potion of Waterbreathing), a Ring of Protection +1, a Ring of Swimming, a Periapt of Proof Against Poison, and a small packet containing Dust of Disappearance. In addition, you found a wizard’s spellbook (with detect magic, charm person, identify, shield, unseen servant, continual flame, spider climb, arcane lock, fireball, and water breathing), as well as Magical Scrolls of silence, continual flame, knock, and ice storm.

You then moved on to discover a large, unfinished room with stairs leading down deeper into the lair. Salt water lapped just below the second step, as the floor below appeared to be completely flooded.

I believe you chose to rest for the night at this point. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about that, though.

You then decided to explore the next floor down, into the water. Avire with her Wand of Polymorph turned three of you into aquatic elves so that you could breathe and move underwater (reducing number of charges on the wand to 19). You then made your way down into a large empty room at the foot of the stairs. Following the east passage, you found an empty room which appeared to belong to someone important. In it, you discovered an area of tall seaweed, anchored in the floor and occupying about 10′×10′ of space. You also found a platinum buckle worth 10gp, a leather bag with 2 small rubies (100gp each), and a small silver mirror (2gp) in the untrapped coffer in the room.

Continuing on, you arrived at a very large room with a large number of what you took to be females and their young. You may have gone unnoticed with the din, except that three females were on their way out of the room and stopped only a short distance from you when they realized you were there. They (and the other females in the room) immediately shifted from what may have been a peaceful scene into one of pure viciousness, and they came at you.

You fought them for a short time, realizing quickly that the scene was growing more dangerous by the moment and that they would soon swarm over you with sheer numbers. Luckily, the Wand of Wonders chose to provide help in the form of a massive fireball. The sahuagin were instantly cooked from the heat. Once the room was safe to enter again, you found that two narrow rooms branched off of the large central room, and these narrow rooms contained large strings of eggs. You were faced with a moral choice: to destroy the sahuagin menace, possibly saving numerous other humanoids including your friends in Saltmarsh, or to allow the ‘innocents’ to live. You chose to end the sahuagin threat altogether by eliminating the future threat of the eggs as well as the few remaining female guardians.

At this point, you had the notion of using the Wand of Polymorph to take on the form of sahuagin females to try to sneak your way through the fortress. This brought the wand down to 13 remaining charges.

You moved around to the west, then, looping back up toward the base of the stairs. On the way, you discovered the room of someone else who appeared to be of some importance. Amongst their belongings, you robbed six harnesses with gold buckles (1gp each), a leather bag containing two emeralds and a diamond (50gp each), a small gold locket on a fine chain (10gp, and the locket contains the drawing of a pretty girl as well as a lock of blonde hair), what you think is a Potion of Heroism, three Arrows +2, a Heward’s Handy Haversack, and what you believe to be a Potion of Gaseous Form.

Continuing on, you discovered another archway to a similar room, except this room was occupied. A single male sahuagin sat at a table eating a fish, a dagger on his hip and his spear laying on the floor behind him. You chose to bypass him, but he took interest in your group as you passed and he came out of his room to speak to you. You have no idea what he said, but you could see he became increasingly agitated as the “conversation” wound on. Eventually, you realized that he was not going to let you pass without a fight, and so you obliged, finishing him quickly.

You continued on and returned to the room containing the stairs up to the “dry floor”. Only once passage remained: to the north. You followed that passage, trying to look casual as you swam about in your adopted forms. Veering west at two of the intersections, you bypassed what sounded like a crowded room. Unfortunately, as you left two of your party members near that room, a sahuagin male noticed you there and started speaking to you. Once again, this did not go well, and words turned into hostile stances and finally an attack. You decided to press the attack against them and soon found yourself fighting almost two dozen sahuagin soldiers, including two lieutenants. With a combination of force of arms, and a little luck with the Wand of Wonder, you ended the night with the entrance to the room clogged with dense seaweed and probably little more than a half dozen sahuagin remaining alive beyond this temporary barrier.


For clearing the females’ quarters, you earned 1,850xp. The chieftain you fought was worth 700xp by himself. And for part of the room full of sahuagin, you receive 1,500xp. This gives you a total of 4,050xp, which (divided by six) comes to 675xp each. I believe this is either enough to bring Avire to 4th level, or is within a very close margin of doing so. HOWEVER, as always, players require a long rest to gain a new level.


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