Sahuagin Ambush Put Down

Whereupon much treasure is found!

You started the evening by completing your battle against the sahuagin ambush, and handily defeating those few remnants.

You searched the barracks from which these sahuagin obviously came, and found it to be much like that of the other group you had defeated previously.

You then pushed on to explore the farther portions of the underwater dungeon. You first found what looked like a small barracks, and exploring it offered up four coffers with the usual array of goods: 80ep, 6 heavy crossbow bolts, a coral necklace (10gp), a cheap mirror, and (oddly) a live, fiesty lobster.

Moving on, you discovered a long banquet hall. A disfigured bust in the southern wall appears to have been a large depiction of a lizardfolk, but the features are too far gone to discern. You heard voices from the north, through a passageway. Listening with the help of comprehend languages, it seemed that a trial was being held where a female sahuagin was accusing a male of some sort of crime. You listened for a short while before losing interest, and moving on to the east. There, you crept past another small barracks which was occupied by two soldiers and two females sitting around a table and chatting casually with each other. Again, you moved on.

Poking your nose down a set of stairs, you heard the sounds of many soldiers. One was giving orders to the rest. You decided to pull back to the west and explore the stairs there.

Arriving at the floor below, you found it much like the one above. Submerged, but with the same cleanly-cut corridors and rooms.

The first room you encountered there seemed to be for equipment storage, and contained many 30 foot lengths of rope, stacks of hides of various sizes, barrels of nails, hooks and buckles. There are also dozens of heavy crossbows, several hundred crossbow bolts, dozens more spears, tridents and nets.

On a hunch, you decided to search for secrets within the room and managed to successfully find the secret door leading to a room through the south wall. Stepping in, however, revealed the glyph which had been placed as a ward against intrusion. The electrical explosion caused some damage, but everyone emerged relatively intact. You were then left to examine the contents of the room.

Winqarin managed to locate the trap on the coffer, which apparently would have the effect of sealing in intruders by shutting the secret door to the room.

The coffer contained 400pp, 2 platinum and pearl coronets (600gp each), a mantle of spell resistance, bracers of defense, a fine pearl necklace (960gp), a potion of heroism, and a ring of feather falling. In addition, four sacks around the coffer contained 600ep each.

You filled your heward’s handy haversack with treasure and made your way back upstairs where you decided that it would be wise to rest for the night to recover spells, etc.


For finishing the sahuagin ambush, you received an additional 1,000xp, which divided among the 6 characters is 166xp each. This brings most to a total of 5,065xp, and Avire to a total of 3,958xp. As a reminder, you need 6,500xp to reach level five.

From ambush:
50sp plus weapons
12ep, plain gold armband (4gp) from lieutenant

From barracks:
10 harnesses with electrum buckles (6sp each)
electrum pendant set with coral beads (20gp)
silver mirror (4gp)
carved coral rod (6gp)

From guard barracks:
coral necklace (10gp)

From treasure room:
2 platinum and pearl coronets (600gp each)
a fine pearl necklace (960gp)
potion of heroism
mantle of spell resistance
bracers of defense
ring of feather falling


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