Snakes on a Boat

I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking boat!

As we began the evening, you were on a smuggler vessel named the Sea Ghost anchored two miles offshore from the “haunted” house. You had previously attempted to sneak aboard the ship, but attracted the attention of the crew a little early and combat ensued. This evening, you finished that fight.

Taryn and Rakik were on the poop deck fighting the captain and a crewman. Boogie, Helen, Will and Tom were on the main deck fighting the mate and another crewman. Varis was keeping a crow’s-eye view of things from the nest.

After a rough battle during which Will was unconscious and nearly dead, you took a moment to collect yourselves and get Will back on his feet. No sooner had spells been cast and potions been drunk, however, when the remaining crewmen emerged from the forecastle led by an angry bosun!

The hook-handed bosun made straight for Tom, while the four crewmen spread out to attack those nearby. That fight saw Tom rendered unconscious as well while you continued to try to take down the last of the crew.

Snake_Crushes_Cutter.jpgAs the last of the crew were killed, you heard a horrible crunching sound and turned to see a huge snake wrapped around the cutter you arrived in! A moment later the boat was mere splinters and sail cloth floating on the ocean waves, while the snake was nowhere to be seen. You got Tom back on his feet, just as Varis was hearing a hissing sound coming from the front of the ship.

A moment later, the snake had climbed up the port side of the ship and coiled itself on the main deck! Rakik sent a ball of electricity shooting towards it, but missed and instead destroyed a section of railing around the forecastle. The light from that attack revealed two lizardfolk and a crocodile making their way over the top of the forecastle!

Taryn_battles_lizards.jpgThings were looking pretty dark for our beleaguered team, but you pressed on valiantly. The snake (whose head was as large as any of you) lunged and tried to sink its teeth into Taryn, but failed. The lizardfolk moved down onto the main deck, one moving in next to Taryn, and the other confronting Will and Tom. The crocodile slid down the ladder and turned to grasp Taryn in its mighty jaws, succeeding in locking him in a death-grapple.

Pseudodragon.jpgMost of you focussed on killing the snake, while Taryn defended himself from his attackers and Will was once again knocked unconscious. Helen, meanwhile, was holding his position near the poop deck and was thus surprised to find a tiny dragon perched on his shoulders, and the tiny dragon’s poison-barbed tail driven into his neck. Helen lost consciousness at that point, and the tiny dragon flew away into the darkness. It returned several seconds later but was spotted by Rakik and so chose to avoid the drow and fly a slow circle instead. As it was passing, Rakik spoke to it in Draconic and it stared at the drow while projecting an image into Rakik’s brain: the image of a tiny dragon happily eating a morsel of food. Rakik then woke up Helen with a quick kick and returned to killing the giant snake with the others. In the next round, the tiny dragon appeared on Rakik’s shoulders, projected an image of an unhappy tiny dragon starving to death into the drow’s brain, and then injected some poison (though without knocking Rakik out). The tiny dragon then flew away, though was clipped by Rakik’s scimitar as it launched itself into the air.

It wasn’t too much longer before the snake was dealt a death blow, an event which resulted in the snake seeming to pop like a balloon; disappearing with a bang but no other trace!

The team then focussed its efforts against the crocodile and lizardfolk, killing one of each before the final lizardfolk decided to break from combat and leap into the ocean, disappearing into the dark waters below. As the crocodile expired, it began to quickly transform into a lizardfolk (which you assume to be a female, due to the slighter frame and plain appearance).

Finally, the ship grew peaceful and you were able to collect yourselves, get Will back on his feet again, and move into the aft-castle for some exploration and/or a rest. As he was moving towards the aft-castle, an image appeared in Varis’ mind: of a tiny dragon happily eating a morsel of food. He threw a piece of meat up into the air, and the pseudodragon (for that is what it was) swooped past and gobbled it out of the air. He received an image of a happy pseudodragon, and the tiny creature perched on the rigging above him briefly before hopping down onto his shoulder. Russ, I’ll send you some information on your new pet.

We won’t need to get together to play out the rest of the ship, since there is no combat left to resolve and I assume you will carefully inspect the vessel before taking a long rest. So I will instead post a link to the wiki which will walk you through the various rooms of the ship and describe to you what you find there. If you have any comments, concerns, or actions you’d like to take in response to the wiki, we can resolve them by email.

Mate “Bloody” Bjorn = 100xp
Sea Ghost Crew = 25xp each (200xp total)
Punketah (the spellcaster you killed immediately) = 100xp
Captain Sigurd “Snake Eyes” = 200xp
Bosun “Foul” Frithoff = 50xp
Lizardfolk = 100xp each (200xp total)
Lizardfolk Shaman = 450xp
Giant Constrictor Snake = 450xp
Pseudodragon = 50xp
Reward for capturing the Sea Ghost = 500xp
Total = 2300xp split between 7 people (Will and Tom earn xps, of course) = 330xp each

That brings your total experience to-date to 745xp + 330xp = 1075xp. That means… DING! You’ve each reached level 3! Congratulations! Level three is considered to be the first turning point for characters, when they truly begin to embody their chosen classes. Being as it’s so important, I’d like to take some time soon to get together one-on-one to go over each of your characters for an hour or two. I’ll send individual emails about that.

chain shirt x3
leather armor x8
helmet x3
spiked shield
longsword (magical)
longsword (magical)
longsword x2
shortsword x8
dagger x11
iron hook (formerly attached to the arm of the bosun)
light crossbow w/ 8 bolts
shortbow w/ 12 arrows
darts x6
javelin x3
wand (magical)
gold finger ring (15gp)
gold arm-band (20gp) x2
gold chain with ‘lucky charm’ (10gp) x2
gold finger-ring (5gp)
gold ear-ring (5gp)
gold finger-ring with small gems (75gp)
gold finger-ring with small gems (50gp)
gold ear-ring (10gp)
Lizardfolk_Symbol.jpgsilver collar (5gp) with an engraved emblem of a lizard with forked tongue extended.
gem (50gp)
gem (75gp)
gem (100gp)
pouch of spell components
15gp, 67sp, and 23cp in belt pouches on the various crewmen.

Will and Tom had hoped to receive some small amount of treasure for helping with the combat (i.e. a tip), but given how dangerous their roles turned out to be they will politely ask to receive an equitable portion of the loot you take. They each bear scars which may stay with them for a lifetime.

(Note: the treasure listed above only includes what you find on the dead bodies. My description of each of the rooms of the vessel may contain more treasure, which you can decide the fate of.)


The wand is a wand of magic detection:

The first magical longsword is a longsword +1: does not require attunement. You have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon.

The second magical longsword tells you that its name is Maddick:

Snakes on a Boat

Who is proficient with long sword? We should make use of the non-chatty sword too.

Snakes on a Boat
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