Under The Haunted House

or The Hunt For Licherachi

Tonight picked up with the remains of the battle against the goblin group. The party decided to start with the library Rakik had passed through on the first floor, and in it they found three books which seemed like they might have some value (The Magical Properties of Gemstones by Mage Tenser, The Magical Properties of Herbs and Flowers by Mage Tenser, and The Metaphysics of Mathematics by Mage Nystul… you have no idea how much they might be worth) as well as a water-damaged note in the third one which had two legible words written on it: “…beyond skeletons…”.

Then, you checked the study across the hall, finding only receipts in the locked desk drawer.

The westernmost room gave the paladin a small fright when a voice boomed out, saying “Welcome, fools — welcome to your deaths!” followed by a prolonged burst of insane and fiendish laughter. The paladin then went on to find a nice golden earring (20gp), which helped improve his spirits.

Heading to the east wing, you found a leather pouch concealed in a chimney which contained a potion of vitality (removes exhaustion, cures disease and poison, and maximizes the healing received from hit dice expenditures for 24 hours). The easternmost room was barren. The ceiling in both of the eastern rooms looked to be sagging and ready to collapse.

You then headed to the north wing of the house, where the sorcerer found a large spider who happened to be hiding in the same chimney as a metal box which contained a blue steel dagger.

The dining room across the hall didn’t contain anything of interest.

The kitchen, however, was home to a family of giant centipedes which, while not hard to kill, bite with a strong poison.

Adjoining the kitchen was a scullery with stairs leading down to the cellar.

When Varis stepped onto the top step, screams and howls could be heard from the room below. Taryn immediately charged down to inject himself into the kerfufle. All you found, though, was a wine cellar (with the wine long-since removed or destroyed), a couple of bins of filth, and a platemail-clad body face-down on the floor in the center of the room. A longsword lay near the corpse’s hand and a shield was across its legs. Searching the body, you discovered that he had been infested with rot grubs! The filthy creatures respond well to fire, Rakik recalled, and so the party began cooking the body and the bins of filth to rid them of the vile worms.

While maneuvering around the room, Rakik noticed a very faint breeze coming from what was discovered to be a secret door in the south wall of the room. Opening it, you found a large room lit by burning torches, with enough crude beds and chairs to accommodate 10 people as a living quarters. The room appears to be unoccupied currently.

Taryn spends several minutes carefully removing the platemail from the corpse and examining it. The long sword and shield do not appear to be out of the ordinary.

For your troubles, you each receive 125xp (bringing your running total to 185xp).


Awww. You remembered licherace.

Under The Haunted House
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