Vengeful Ambush

The sahuagin retaliate

You began the evening facing the conclusion of the sahuagin barracks assault. The seaweed from Avire’s entangle and Rakik’s randomly green thumb still clogged the hallway.

Helen cast spiritual hammer in the form of a heavy ball, and used its attack to push itself through the seaweed, round after round. Rakik, meanwhile, cast comprehend languages to find out what the sahuagin were saying. After a few seconds, the spiritual wrecking ball seemed to find its mark and Rakik confirmed that a sahuagin had been killed by it, as well as that the rest of them had managed to pull themselves free of it and were regrouping behind the floral barricade.

When the seaweed began to recede back into the tiled floor, Helen duplicated himself, and the fight was on again. Taryn rushed forward and discovered some melee combatants hiding around a corner while a small group of crossbow sahuagin grouped at the far end of the room. The party pressed in, taking down sahuagin after sahuagin until the last one finally threw down his weapon and charged at Taryn all teeth and claws. Once the fight was over, the party set about searching the room.

On the bodies you find the usual assortment of harnesses, coin (100sp on the soldiers, 28sp on the lieutenants), and weapons (12 tridents, 2 spears, 8 heavy crossbows, 22 daggers, and 30 crossbow bolts). In addition, the two lieutenants are each wearing a plain gold armband (4gp each). A total of 40sp can be found in small piles around the area where they were forcing crabs to fight each other. The coffers here contain a large number of harnesses, 100sp in coins, 24 crossbow bolts, 2 daggers in scabbards, and 3 cheap mirrors.

In the lieutenants’ quarters, the two coffers there contain 10 harnesses with electrum buckles (6sp each), 100sp in coin, an electrum pendant set with coral beads (20gp), a silver mirror (4gp), a carved coral rod (6gp), and a dagger in a scabbard.

At this point, Avire felt like she could learn some new things if only she could take a nice long rest. The party decided that since several of them had lost their disguises, and that the others would lose them soon when the wand’s magic wore off, that it would retreat to the relative safety of the upper floor for a rest. Surprisingly (to some, I’m sure), your rest went uninterrupted and you awoke the next day and prepared to venture back into the water. Massalich and Sergeant Crowley reported no disturbances up top, and said that they would continue their watch of the area, including the entrance.

Avire quickly polymorphed everyone into the form of sahuagin males this time, based on the notion that sahuagin society is fairly misogynistic and that males should attract less attention. She then dove into the water and transformed herself into a reef shark. Returning to the salt water of what you believe to be the middle floor, you made your way back to the hallway where you’d last fought. As you swam into the long corridor, however, you were greeted by an ambush!

Two lieutenants and ten sahuagin were hidden around the corners just as you entered the T-shaped intersection and battle was quickly joined. Things started off very badly for the group, with Taryn losing his disguise almost immediately and others being viciously set upon by the sahuagin.

Over the course of time, you also learned that sahuagin were sneaking up on you (not very sneakily) from behind, cutting off your retreat! When they reached Avire, however, they stopped… seemingly unsure what to do. Avire heard voices in her head, commanding her to stop attacking sahuagin and to attack the intruders instead. The sahuagin, apparently, can communicate telepathically with sharks! Having control of her own mind, however, she was free to ignore their commands.

Finally, after much battle, the initial ambush had been defeated, leaving only the contingent of sahuagin warriors at the rear flank. The party arranged itself to meet this new threat as Avire swam out of their path.


For finishing the sahuagin from the earlier fight, you receive 800xp. Then, for the first part of the ambush you receive 1,400xp. This brings you to a nightly total of 2,200xp which is divided by six party members for a split of 367xp each. This should bring most of you to a grand total of 4,899xp, and should bring Avire to a total of 3,792xp. As a reminder, you need 6,500xp to reach level 5.


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