What's Behind Door Number One?


progress-map.jpgHaving scouted north and south a short ways, you settled on spiking the door to the north (beyond which you heard a great deal of susurration, sounding like the casual chatter of a large number of lizardfolk). You then proceeded south to the room marked with a red X on the attached progress map. Fewer voices were heard inside, and so you took it to be less of a risk.

Throwing open the door, you quickly realized that you were looking at a crude barracks. Fifteen straw mattresses lay on the ground with a small wooden chest at the foot of each. The center of the room has a long table with wooden benches and chairs surrounding it. A lit lantern sits on the center of the table.

It appeared that nine lizardfolk soldiers were being formed up by a heavily armoured leader. A shaman stood off to the side in a corner, observing the proceedings.

Four of the soldiers had turtleshell-style spiked shields (actually made of metal, like those you’ve seen before) and spears. Three others had morningstars, spiked shields and javelins. The two remaining soldiers had long spears (pikes) and javelins. The officer was armed with a longsword and longbow, and wore bronze splint mail with a shield. The shaman wore no armor, and had no apparent weapons.

You managed to catch the room by surprise. Taryn seized the moment by pushing into the room while others made attacks from the hallway. Rose kept watch up and down the hall, to make sure you would not be interrupted. Winq cast Sleep on the room, but was disappointed to find that it only affected two of the crowd.

It was a hard fight, but you were making good progress despite their best efforts. And then the shaman changed things up. She created thick fog in the hallway, blocking all lines of sight into the room. Suddenly Taryn was in trouble, with some lucky shots from the soldiers surrounding him. He dropped quickly. Helen, who had pushed into the room beside Taryn, used his duplicate power to make a hasty retreat. Rose flew in to lend his blindsight to Varis by perching above the lintel of the door and projecting what he saw directly into Varis’ mind.

Rakik used its magic to help drag Taryn from the room, while Varis continued his assault thanks to Rose’s vision. Winq decided to give Sleep one more try, and the group was relieved when, immediately after, the fog quickly dissipated; the shaman had been knocked out! Out of tricks, the lizardfolk were then overwhelmed by the group’s force as they pushed into the room.

You then stood over the corpses of eleven lizardfolk, and claimed your rewards:

9 soldiers @ 100xp each = 900xp
1 leader @ 450xp = 450xp
1 shaman @ 450xp = 450xp
Total = 1800xp, divided 6 ways = 300xp each

This brings you to a grand total of 1841xp (next level: 2700).

Looting through the room, you find:

10x leather bandoleer (worn by soldiers & leader)
4x spear
7x spiked shield
3x morningstar
2x pike
21x javelin
1x bronze splint mail
1x shield
1x longsword
1x longbow
1x quiver w/ 10 arrows
1x staff
1x fine silver chain with an ivory plaque (15gp) (found on a soldier)
1x silver collar (15gp) (worn by the leader)
1x silver collar set with pearls (15gp) (worn by the shaman)
15x bottle of vegetable oil (chests)
60x oily cloths of various bright colours (chests)
5x leather bandoleers (chests)
5x purse containing money (total 15 electrum pieces) (chests)
1x whetstone (chest)
1x dagger w/ scabbard (chest)
1x crude wooden carving of a crocodile (chest)

The room is quite spartan, and a quick search reveals nothing beyond what is listed above.


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