Kimbertos Skotti, King of Keoland

Human male, mid-50's, short gray hair, well dressed.


His Peerless Majesty, the King of Keoland, Kimbertos Skotti; Lord of Gran March, Plar of Sterich; Protector of the South; etc.


Ruler: His Peerless Majesty, King Kimbertos Skotti
Capital: Niole Dra (pop. 23,550)

A kingdom of great antiquity, Keoland has harbored territorial ambitions regarding its neighbors for centuries. Both Ket and Veluna have had reason to fear Keoland’s armies in the past. Military defeats by Ket, the disapproval of the eastern elves, and the Veluna/Furyondy alliance which drove back Keolandish troops in the Short War led to the formation of the Gran March and Bissel as northern tributary states which gradually assumed greater independence. Sterich, to the west, also gained more and more freedom.

During the wars, Keoland was reluctant to aid Veluna and Furyondy against Iuz, and when Sterich was threatened, King Skotti tried to negotiate a treaty that would reestablish Keolandish control over Sterich in return for military aid. He dithered long enough over the details for Sterich to fall in the interim. The subsequent attacks from the lands of the Sea Princes, both by land and sea, gave Keoland a warning that it could not play politics much longer.

Keolandish armies are well prepared and equipped, with heavy cavalry traditionally recruited from noble houses, fine light cavalry lethal with crossbows, and demihuman contingents from provinces close to Ulek. Nonetheless, Keoland suffered significant losses in battles to the north and along its southern borders, also losing a little territory along the Dreadwood. Politically, the Gran March and Ulek are now important determinants of Keolandish policy. Skotti is being forced to listen, and there is less of a swagger about Keolandish nobility after the wars.

Keoland is a country rich in staples, with some gems and gold in its hills, but it badly needs time to retrench and rebuild. Skotti does not care for what he must accept from other lands while Keoland replenishes its own riches.

Kimbertos Skotti, King of Keoland

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