Sea Ghost - Aft Castle

This large area seems to be the living and working space for two people, and is furnished with good quality furniture and items. The living arrangements seem to be split down the port & starboard sides.

The starboard side is fairly clean and tidy.

A bunk made up with bed linen has its head against the ship’s hull on this side. Near the windows is a polished wooden table, apparently bolted to the deck. On this table is a bowl containing an assortment of fruit, a silver carafe half full of a light red liquid and a silver goblet. Against the table are set two upright wooden chairs and a padded leather chair.

Beneath one of the windows on this side is a wooden, brass-bound chest. Next to it is a pair of highly-polished black leather boots.

The port side, by comparison, is clean but untidy.

An disheveled bunk on this side has its head against the ship’s hull.

A writing desk is set against the hull under the window; it has a drawer on each side and three trays on the top. Also on the desk top, just in front of the trays, there is an inkpot, two quill pens, a small knife, and a pewter pepperpot-like container. Against the desk is set a wooden, upright chair, while beside the desk is set a wooden, brass-bound chest.

Also against the hull on the starboard side is a padded leather couch. In front of it a bearskin rug lies on the desk, while beneath the couch can be seen a fairly large metal box.

An unlit lantern hangs from the ceiling at the center of the room.

Development #1: Helen completed his “Detect Poison and Disease” ritual and was rewarded by finding a poison source in the lid of the starboard-side wooden, brass-bound chest. The only other poison source within 30 feet of him would be the pseudodragon’s tail. He also detects a disease-source below him and towards the front of the vessel, just at the edge of his perception.

Development #2: Rakik doesn’t know the command word to activate the magic wand, so that’s not an option yet.

Development #3: Searching the table. You find that the silver carafe is worth 150gp, you believe, and the goblet would get around 100gp. The carafe contains a pleasant wine, very mild in its effects.

Development #4: You attempt to open the chest very carefully, to block a poisoned spike, but you’re then surprised to find gas issuing from the locking mechanism when you try one of the keys. Boogie and Helen are knocked unconscious while the others cover their mouths and noses in time and escape the room. A moment later someone returns carefully and opens some windows to let the gas escape. It’s easy to wake up the two unconscious people, by lightly slapping them. They remain a bit dopey for the next couple of hours, but conscious and otherwise unharmed. Once the room is cleared of gas, Boogie spends some time trying various keys but none of them fit the lock of this chest.

Development #5: Searching the writing desk, you find the following:

  • The trays on the desk top next to the pepper-pot container (which is nearly full of fine sand), one is empty, another pertains bills and receipts for various items of marine supply. The last contains several letters of a personal and alarmingly intimate nature from three different ladies in three different ports (each of whom is under the common misapprehension that she is Mrs. Sigurd ‘Snake Eyes’) and a curious, semi-literate document requesting a further supply of ironware “as per previous consignments and at the agreed terms.” The signature here is in the form of a pictoglyph and shows a lizard with forked tongue extended.
  • The two desk drawers are locked, though the key you took from Sigurd’s belt pouch unlocks them.
  • The first drawer contains two small, crystal phials containing potions. These are labelled in the common tongue as “Vitality”. The drawer also contains four dirty glass tumblers, a half empty bottle of brandy and a key.
  • The second drawer contains a number of charts of various sea and coastal localities, all obviously prepared by professional cartographers, but behind these there is a last and crudely drawn chart.
  • The wooden chest beside the desk is unlocked and untrapped. It contains items of clothing including a well-worn but comfortable pair of carpet slippers.
  • As Boogie takes out Sigurd’s key again to try to unlock the iron box, she just notices something odd in the nick of time. A thin slit above the keyhole looks suspicious to her, so she uses her mage hand to turn the key and is relieved to see a scything blade rotate out of the slit and cut through the magical hand (causing it to disappear).
  • The iron box contains 1,000ep (electrum pieces, worth one half of a gold piece each).

Development #6: As Taryn struggles to pull a boot over his slightly-too-large left foot, he strikes the boot-heel on the deck, causing the heel to detach. A small key drops out of it. On a hunch, he tries this key in the still-locked chest near where the boots were found, and is happily surprised to hear the chest’s lock click, and the lid pop open. Inside is found some neatly folded clothing of good quality, including a maroon robe.

Development #7: Upon close examination, Taryn doesn’t believe that the bearskin rug would fetch a very good price. It was probably quite a nice rug at one time, but is now in need of repair due to improper maintenance (the leather is cracked in many places).

Development #8: You set about carefully searching each of the boxes, drawers, etc. in the aft-castle. After about an hour, Varis finds a small button on the inner-lip of the chest you just unlocked. Pressing it, a compartment hatch lifts slightly. Inside the compartment, you find a spellbook and a sealed scroll tube:

  • Spellbook’s first level spells: detect magic, feather fall, fog cloud, grease, mage armor, magic missile, sleep, unseen servant
  • Spellbook’s second level spells: gust of wind, spider climb, web
  • The spellbook has several blank pages at the end, and the last page has a single word written on it in the common tongue: “ABRACAPHAGIC”.
  • The scroll tube contains a scroll of gust of wind.

Development #9: Varis dumps out the fine sand onto the desk. It appears to be plain sand of a fine nature (“fine” in the sense of coarseness, not a measure of quality). You assume it’s used to soak up spare ink.

Development #10: Rakik holds out the wand and utters the word “Abracaphagic” and their mind is suddenly filled with an awareness of dweomers and incantations around them. Ignoring all of the known magic items each of your are holding or wearing, Rakik’s awareness is drawn to some transmutation magic in a slender form about twelve feet below (from the middle of the aft-castle) and to the starboard. The detection spell can be maintained for up to 10 minutes, and so Rakik travels down to the lower deck and tracks the magical emissions to the lizardfolk’s cabin. Stuffed into a void space on the underside of the table in the center of the room, Rakik finds a curious looking staff in a leather sheath, whose head is carved into the shape of a venomous snake. Wandering through the rest of the vessel reveals no further surprises.

Sea Ghost - Aft Castle

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