Sea Ghost - Cargo Hold

Sea_Ghost_-_cargo_hold.jpgThis area is packed nearly full of casks, cloth and gear. Through the centre runs a section of the main mast; beside it, a narrow wooden ladder leads up to the hatch above.

Against the aft bulkhead are stacked bolts of silk and other elegant cloth, lashed by ropes to brackets bolted to the deck so they are secure. Against the crew cabin wall there is stacked a large number of small casks, again secured by ropes.

In addition to the smuggled merchandise, this hold contains a quantity of supplies. Two coiled lengths of rope and three rolls of sailcloth lie on the floor alongside a large box. A large wooden cask stands next to six lengths of wood planking. Set into a wooden rack, fastened to the port hull are two metal-headed hammers, two wooden mallets, two saws and an adze.

The walking area is restricted in places, but this is obviously a well organised hold.

A hatch near the mast’s base seems to lead down into the bilge.

Development #1: Helen takes the adz. Anyone else who wants one is gonna be sadz, or madz, but Helen is gladz. He hopes that his woodworking interest is not just a fadz. That would be badz. Cough.

Sea Ghost - Cargo Hold

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