Sea Ghost - Lizardfolk Cabin

Sea_Ghost_-_lizardfolk_cabin.jpgThere is a distinct odour about this room which reminds you of a marsh or swamp — not fetid, not oppressive, but certainly noticeable. In the centre of the area is a wood table, bolted to the deck. On the table is a silver jug half full of a red liquid; with it are three pewter mugs. Round the table are set three wooden, upright chairs while a lit, hooded lantern hangs from the deck above.

There are three hammocks—two along the ship’s hull, and one slung along the aft wall.

Development #1: Rakik takes the staff and settles down for an hour’s rest to work out its nature. At the end of the short rest, Rakik picks up the Staff of the Adder and hands it to Helen (probably with some sort of curt nod, as is Rakik’s brusque style).

Development #2: Taking the staff, Helen asks Rakik “What is the command word for it?” Rakik shrugs. It is kept in a leather sheath, of the kind used for a greatsword; able to be slung over one’s back. Searching the staff itself and the sheath for an hour (while you attune to it), you notice that along the lip of the sheath is stitched a single word in a language you don’t understand. Varis or Rakik can tell you that it is the single word “Anfractuous”, in draconic, and can teach you how to pronounce it well enough to use the staff. Testing it out confirms that this is the command word for the staff.

Sea Ghost - Lizardfolk Cabin

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