Sea Ghost - Secret Area

Sea_Ghost_-_secret_area.jpgA small, dark, oppressively-cramped area, squeezed in between the ship’s stern and the adjacent cabins, this appears to be used as a secret storage area. Currently, the port half is acting as a prison cell, for there is a slim, human-like figure cowering in the far corner. The prisoner appears to be chained to the hull.

The starboard side of the area contains a number of large, irregularly shaped bundles, wrapped in oilskins and bound with light rope. These are piled apparently at random, as though thrown in casually from the door.

Development #1: Taryn opens his mind to sense strong evil or good (celestial, fiend or undead) within 60 feet, but he is unable to detect any such thing within either the cabin or the secret area.

Development #2: You ready your weapons and speak to the prisoner. He responds in his odd Elven dialect: “Hello? Cousins, please, I need help. I can see that we are kin. There is no need for you to fear me.” As his eyes adjust to the darkness, Varis believes the figure to be an Aquatic Elf (a relation he recalls from the Elvish children’s tale of Semepha and the Whale).

Development #3: Helen interjects to ask the prisoner about the oilskins (presumably in Elvish). The prisoner responds, “Cousin? I will tell you the whole story, I promise, though I would like to be freed. Let us talk as kin. I give you my word that you have no reason to fear me. If it was you doing the fighting I heard up above, then we may be allies to a cause.”

Development #4: Helen says, in Elvish: “You will forgive us, Coz, if we are cautious. we have seen many strange things on these journeys. Were they your books we found in the Captain’s study?” The prisoner responds, “Books? I do not own any books. While not unheard of, they are not something very common to my people. The water damages them, you see, so they are kept in special air-filled caverns underwater. The only things I own are a trident, dagger, and my crossbow. I understand your caution. It was a lack of caution that got me into these shackles. If it will ease your mind, leave them on me for now, though I would truly prefer to speak somewhere other than this dank space.”

Development #5: From the size of the shackle keyhole, and the materials used, you narrow down the key to probably being the one you found in the captain’s desk drawer.

Development #6: Helen cautiously releases the prisoner from his shackles. He says, “Oh, thank you! Please, let us sit and I will tell you what little I know.” He moves into the mate & bosun’s cabin and sits at the table, sniffs the flagon and recoils slightly before pushing it away from him. “My name is Oceanus, and I am of the Manaan tribe. Others of my tribe had noticed the periodic anchoring of this ship on moonless nights near a desolate region of coastline, and thought it suspicious. My chief chose me to follow the ship back to her port of origin and to discover what I could of it. When the ship arrived at Monmurg, I crept ashore, disguised myself, and spied on its crew. In addition to numerous casks and bolts of fabric, they purchased a large quantity of weapons, wrapped them in sheets and rope and brought them down into the hold of the ship. That night, I snuck aboard the ship to find more information, but I was surprised and knocked unconscious. I woke up in shackles in that room there. The bundles on the other side of the space are the weapons I mentioned… I’m sure of it.” (Taryn will need to have this translated for him.)

Sea Ghost - Secret Area

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