Wand of Polymorphing

Wand of Polymorph

Magic wand, very rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)
This wand has a limited number of charges.

As an action, you can choose a target within 60 feet and attempt to change them into a different shape. You can choose the form of any type of creature (even reasonably invented) which is within +/- 25% of the size of the target. Once polymorphed in this way, the target remains in this form for one hour. They adopt all of the physical traits of this new form, including its strength, dexterity, constitution, hit points, speed, forms of travel, and other physical characteristics. If the chosen form can breathe water, then so can the target.

If the target is reduced to 0 hit points before the duration of the magic expires, then they immediately revert to their original form. Any damage dealt to them in excess of their previous form’s remaining hit points is dealt to their normal form’s hit point total.

If attempting to use this wand against an unwilling target, they may make a Constitution saving throw against its DC of 13.

This wand does not recharge like other wands. No known method exists to add charges to it.

Wand of Polymorphing

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