Rescuing Ned

with help from Mr. Weasel

The party was (ironically?) on the verge of taking a long rest for the night as you started this session. Before bed, however, some of you wanted to interrogate the smuggler who surrendered, a swarthy gentleman named Asher. He speaks with a strange accent. He responded well to Rakik’s questioning, and seemed to be answering honestly and to the best of his ability.

You learned several things:

  • that Asher was been with this operation for around three years,
  • that they are from a distant country (The Hold of the Sea Princes, to the south),
  • that they mostly smuggled brandy and silk,
  • that the goods are brought in by a ship,
  • that a light-based signalling system is used to communicate with the ship,
  • how the light signalling system works,
  • that the ship isn’t expected for a few weeks (he believes),
  • that his leader is named Sanbalet, not Gaven (he doesn’t know a “Gaven”).
  • that the captain of the ship they use for smuggling is named Captain Sigurd “Snake Eyes”,
  • that they rarely leave the basement (though they are occasionally relieved by a replacement crew),
  • that they transport smuggled goods to Saltmarsh at night. They wait outside of town while Sanbalet visits a tavern on the edge of town. Then they travel around the outside of Saltmarsh to bring the goods west of the town where they find a wagon and load it up with the goods. They then return to the ‘haunted house’.
  • that you believe he was lying when he told you he has a wife and three children back home.
  • that he doesn’t know anything about a lost boy,
  • (Added) that the skeletons killed a man named William when they first arrived at the house, years ago, and they barred the door and kept it shut since then.

You gave him some food and water for his help, and proceeded to take watches. George, settling in to the first watch, looked at the barrel of ale and said “I need a mug” at which point a gruff voice said “Here y’go” and a mug appeared in his hand. He filled it, and settled in to “watch”. After a few hours he woke Varis up for his watch, telling him that he’d heard a scratching sound from upstairs earlier but that it hadn’t bothered him enough to cause alarm.

Varis decided to check out the scratching noise, and woke up Rakik to take watch instead while Varis snuck around. He crept upstairs, detected nothing but did notice that one of the centipede corpses had been dragged off by something, leaving a bloody trail. He followed the trail to the large living area room on the west side of the house (the one with the trap door). Going to a window, he noticed a giant albino weasel outside the house a short ways away, near the rock wall. He cast Speak With Animals, and proceeded to have a conversation with him. He learned that:

  • Giant Weasels like to eat Giant Centipedes,
  • a halfling had been at the house a day or two ago, but had left toward the east (toward Seaton),
  • two big people (human-sized) had come to the house a day ago, one of them remaining inside but locked away in an upstairs room where the weasel couldn’t eat him,
  • the other big person had left,
  • there are sometimes Giant Ants in the house,
  • there are sometimes other rodents in the house,
  • there was no sign of a small person other than the halfling,
  • the weasel family numbers at least five, and they all like to eat Giant Centipedes.

Satisfied, Varis returned to the group. The night proceeded without further incident.

The next morning, Helen decided to try to trick Sanbalet by impersonating Asher. Even after being charmed, Sanbalet does not fall for the trickery. Sanbalet seems fairly uncooperative during his interrogation, and doesn’t tell you much until Rakik intimidates him into cooperating a little. He doesn’t provide much information that Asher had not already provided.

Deciding to store the two smugglers (bound and gagged) in the leader’s room, the party set about emptying the room to convert it to a prison cell. Rakik tipped the table a little and discovered Sanbalet’s spellbook, containing a number of wizard spells of 1st and 2nd level.

The party decides then to proceed upstairs to check out the 2nd floor. Following the stairs up through the kitchen, the party proceeds to check each room of the 2nd floor.

You find a room containing non-dusty clothes in a heap, which strikes you as odd. You find a room with a cloak in a cupboard, and Boogiestein uses Mage Hand to avert a possible disaster as dislodging the cloak releases a cloud of yellow mould spores… quite deadly if inhaled. You also find a room containing two large spiders, which Boogiestein and Taryn dispatch easily. Then you find the final room locked.

Taryn kicks open the door, to discover an old man tied up and gagged at the far end of the room. After some unwieldy poking with long sticks, Varis eventually goes in and unties the old man and helps him out of the room. He explains that his name is Ned. After questioning, the party had some suspicions about this fellow, and Boogiestein eventually decided to try to hang him over the balcony in the foyer (with the intention of using featherfall to save him if he actually did fall) to intimidate him into being truthful. He managed to hang onto the railings, though, to keep from being pulled out over the foyer, but during the struggle a dagger fell from around his person onto the floor. Helen examined the dagger, believing the blade might be poisoned. After a 20 minute ritual, he discovered that blade is, indeed, poisoned, but also that there are poison reservoirs in the handle of the weapon.

And that’s where we left off.

For encountering the weasels: 30xp each
Yellow Mould: 10xp each
2 Large Spiders: 20xp each
Total: +60xp each

You found:
Fist-sized chunk of crystal (no value, but pretty)
Deed to the Haunted House (in Gaven Wind’s name)
Scroll of Hold Person

As I mentioned at the end of the evening, if you want to roleplay or discuss things, we can do so via email. For instance, if you have anything you want to discuss with Asher, Sanbalet, Mr. Weasel, or Ned.


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